Visiting Helsinki with sailing ship


Welcome to Halkolaituri - guestharbour for visiting traditional ships

All traditional sailing ships visiting Helsinki will stay in Halkolaituri, which is the main port for traditional sailing ships. 

The port is maintained by Helsingin Purjelaivasatamayhdistys, an organisation, who provides all port services for the traditional ships residing in Helsinki.

The association also organizes various activities and events relating to sailing and traditional sailing ships.

Halkolaituri is also a very popular attraction; you are most welcome to admire the beautiful ship from the pier, or if invited on board, don't hesitate to visit one of them!

We are truly looking forward to have you as our guest this summer!


Information for visitors

For reservation and further information please contact:

Mirkku Ronimus
+358 503099648

Helsingin Purjelaivasatamayhdistys ry
Pohjoisranta 8 A

Service weekdays throughout the year, summertime every day at 08:00 - 16:00

Other important info

In the marina, we have room for xxx ships (check map)./ Out of xxx places, xx are for visiting ships. The marina is suitable for vessels with a length of up to 16 m and draught up to xx meters.


- water
- electricity
- septi tank cleaning?
- waste collection?
- maximum depth: ??